VisSim Movies

Click on topics below to view quick instructional videos.

A Quick Introduction to VisSim (3 min)

A simple and quick introduction to using VisSim.

A Quick Introduction to VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer (3 min)

A quick introduction to using VisSim to create embedded motor controls.

Introduction to VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer (10 min)

See how VisSim/ECD is used to create a fixed-point controller and generate code for a DSP. See live DSP-based closed-loop control of encoder-sensed vane position via PWM actuation of an electric fan.

Fixed Point Modeling and Code Generation (9 min)

See how VisSim/Fixed-Point blocks simplify fixed-point algorithm development.

F280x ADC, Filter Design and Waveform Monitoring (8 min)

See how to configure and use the F28xx ADC unit. Learn how to create a fixed-point IIR filter and capture high speed waveforms.

Sensorless PMSM Motor Control with TI Piccolo (14 min)

VisSim is used to spin a permanent magnet synchronous motor using sensorless field oriented control at a 10KHz control rate. Monitor buffers are used to examine on chip waveforms at the full 10KHz sample rate.

Digital Power Design with the F280x (12 min)

See how to use VisSim to create and tune 10 simultaneous buck converters running on an F28044 at 100KHz control rate.

Using the F280x Enhanced PWM (15 min)

Configure and use the ePWM unit. See how VisSim can dynamically change and display PWM waveforms by controlling phase, duty cycle, time base synchronization, action qualifiers and chopper.

Targeting the MSP430 with VisSim Part 1 (9 min)

An in-depth look at using VisSim to generate embedded applications for the MSP430 ultra-low power microprocessor chip set from Texas Instruments. Control the movie flow by clicking on peripherals and VisSim blocks of interest.

Targeting the MSP430 with VisSim Part 2 (9 min)

See a sample application for the eZ430-F2013 evaluation board. See closed-loop control of a fan/vane experiment using the SD16A 16 bit analog inputs, PWM outputs, and quadrature encoder inputs, in less than 128 bytes of RAM.

Exploring Damped Harmonic Motion (YouTube)

A gripping examination of harmonic oscillators explained with the use of VisSim.

Solving Implicit Equations (4MB)

Learn how to solve implicit equations using VisSim's built in implicit equation solver.

Using Mathcad with VisSim (6.4MB)

Learn how to embed and exchange data with Mathcad in a VisSim diagram.

Using the VisSim OPC Interface (YouTube)

See how VisSim/OPC links to an OPC database server, and reads and writes OPC plant tag data interactively in real-time. A model is validated with OPC plant data and a real-time model is used for off-line tuning.