The smarter, faster way for model-based embedded development

Altair's VisSim™ is the fastest and easiest-to-use dynamic simulation and model-based system development software available. VisSim is up to 10 times faster than competitive simulation products. The free VisSim Viewer lets anyone run VisSim diagrams.
Modeling, Simulation & Control

VisSim™ is a visual language for modeling and simulating nonlinear dynamic systems. With 9 integration methods, 4 optimization methods and over 200 vector and scalar block functions, VisSim's unparalleled power, ease of use, and reliability has made it an essential tool on thousands of engineering projects spanning a diverse range of industries and disciplines. » more

Model Based Embedded Development

VisSim Embedded™ lets you easily simulate and generate efficient fixed and floating point C code for TI targets. It provides a complete RTOS with on-chip peripheral drivers, unlimited pre-emptible tasks, simple interrupt handler creation, interrupt based serial I/O queuing, and an interface to hand code. It includes working examples for the latest TI developer kits. » more

Communication System Design

VisSim Comm™ lets you model and simulate end-to-end, physical layer data communication systems. VisSim/Comm allows determination of energy/bit required for a given bit error rate for a comprehensive set of modulation, encoding, and channel configurations. » more

Danaher Motion
All the drives I work on are extensively modeled in VisSim. From the physics of motion, to DSP control loop detailed algorithms, to detailed analysis of PWM switching effects, VisSim has modeled our drives and motors accurately and easily. Simply stated, VisSim allows us to get to a robust error-free design faster.
George Yundt
Chief Engineer, Drive Technology, Kollmorgen

VisSim/ECD has been instrumental in letting us get our controller working well and hitting our design goals and deadlines. The quality of the code generator has removed the need for an independent coding staff, which has lowered our costs and sped up overall implementation. The VisSim folks have been very helpful and responsive when we have any questions or issues. I’m happy to say that Ametek designed VisSim code will be flying in the cockpit of all Joint Strike Fighters.
Kevin Godfrey
Principal Engineer, Ametek

VisSim/Comm meets my criteria for functionality, performance, price and easy learning curve. When I first started using VisSim I was up and running on the project within 2-3 days. People thought I was a guru by the second week. The software pays for itself many times over by allowing me to perform tasks quicker and easier, leading us to get new consulting work. The BER simulations run fast.
Mark Tigerman
Advanced R&D Technology Engineer