VisSim/Red Rapids Soft RF

Turbo Codes UMTS
Red Rapids Software Radio Module

Convert your PC into a Virtual Digital Receiver/Transmitter by adding a Red Rapids digital tuner card to your VisSim/Comm suite. The Red Rapids driver provides a block level VisSim diagram interface to Red Rapids digital tuner cards for data acquisition and real-time RF signal processing applications. Visit the Red Rapids website for additional hardware product information.

Jump-start your Software Defined Radio designs by by making VisSim/Comm and Red Rapids part of your SDR design solution.

VisSim/Red Rapids Highlights

  • Supports both Rx and Tx
  • Up to 8 tuned channels
  • Choice of 10/14 bit ADC
  • Analog IF interface
  • Baseband sample rates up to 1 MHz (complex)

Supported Cards

  • WaveRunner (PCI card)
  • PocketWatch (PCM)


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