PID optimization in VisSim

VisSim/OptimizePRO calculates the optimal values for design variables subject to user-defined constraints starting from initial user guess values. For example, you can automatically calculate optimal PID controller gains that give minimal time to setpoint, plus minimal overshoot. VisSim/OptimizePRO allows user-specified cost functions that can consider controller behavior, such as steady-state error, overshoot, and rise and settling times.

VisSim/OptimizePRO works with a physical system when used with VisSim/Real-TimePRO and VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer.


  • Constrained optimization
  • General linear and nonlinear optimization
  • Minimum or maximum of the objective
  • Multi-nonlinear constraint optimization
  • Optimizes systems with no constraints
  • Optimizes systems with upper and lower bounds on the "parameter unknown" design variables
  • Problem set-up through interactive dialog boxes
  • Reporting of optimization progress and diagnostics


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