Floating Network Install and License Activation

The VisSim Network License allows you to share a server based license among users on a network. The number of simultaneous VisSim users is limited to your purchased seat count. For proper operation, client systems must have write access to the directory on the shared server drive into which VisSim will be installed.

Step 1: Server Installation

The main VisSim software must be installed on the server from one of the client systems. Choose a client system and make sure you have Admin privilege. In addition, if the client system is running Vista or Windows 7, turn OFF the User Account Control setting. Then do one of the following:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click on setupVisSim90.exe for plain VisSim.
    • Click on setupVisSimEcdPro90.exe for VisSim Embedded.
    • Insert your VisSim CD into the appropriate drive. If the setup installation program does not automatically start:
      a. Choose Start > Run.
      b. In the Run dialog box, click on the Browse button.
      c. Select setupxxx.exe from the CD.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions:

    • When prompted to enter your serial number, enter the serial numbers for your base product and all add-on modules.
    • Next, when prompted for an installation directory, replace the ‘C’ in C:\VisSim90 with the drive letter mapped to the server’s shared drive or, if you don't like drive letters, use \\<server name>\<exported dir>\VisSim90. VisSim will require write access to the vissim.lf file and file create access to the root VisSim install directory (VisSim90 by default).

Step 2: Server Licensing

From the client system in step 1, start the VisSim License Manager to activate the network license in the normal way but be sure the license file path refers to the VisSim install directory on the server so that you activate the server license and not the local client system.

After you receive and activate your license key, the core VisSim Network License for the purchased seat count is enabled. If you have purchased one or more VisSim add-ons, you must run the VisSim License Manager again and send another license request to obtain add-on license keys.

Step 3: Client Configuration

On each client, make sure you have Admin privilege. If the client system if running Windows Vista, 7, or 8, turn OFF the User Account Control setting. Then do the following:

  1. Run the VisSim client setup (setupVisSimClient90.exe) or (setupVisSimEcdClient90.exe). The client install will setup a local work area on the client, and add menu links to the server for the VisSim executable. The install will prompt for both the local install location on the client and the server install location. When prompted for the server’s installation directory, make sure you use the same server path that you used in step 1. An unlimited number of workstations can be set up as potential clients for the VisSim 9.0 Network Server.

  2. If you have addons, install them on the client as well. You may download addon install binaries here.

    • You can install the client software on any number of systems.

    • Once the server install is complete, it does not matter when the client software is installed.

    • You may make an image of the first client system and propagate it to the remaining clients.

Contact Technical Support if you require further assistance.