Academic Program

VisSim software products have been incorporated into the curricula and research laboratories at thousands of academic institutions around the world. Faculty and students consistently say that VisSim provides an ideal platform for introducing fundamental concepts in dynamic simulation and control theory, and practical experience in system modeling. Students introduced to VisSim during their college years are better equipped to pursue careers in science and technology after graduation.

Download the VisSim in Academia brochure.

Licensing Options

Visual Solutions is sensitive to the financial challenges facing academic institutions. Our academic licenses provide the same professional-strength software used by engineers and scientists at a fraction of the cost.

Individual Academic License

If you want to install VisSim on your desktop or laptop computer, this is the license for you. Contact us for a price list.

Quantity Discount on Academic Licenses: If you want to install VisSim on your classroom or laboratory computers, you can purchase licenses "in bulk" and receive a quantity discount on your order. Discounts start at 35% for five licenses. Contact us for a price list.

Academic Site License

If you want to make VisSim available to any department at your academic institution, you can purchase an academic site license that provides unlimited use of VisSim on all computers owned by the institution. All VisSim products are available under the paid academic site license. The cost is 2 times a single seat commercial license. Contact us for a price list.

Personal Edition for Students

The academic personal edition of VisSim is designed specifically for students. Less than the cost of a textbook, the VisSim PE software allows students to model and simulate systems containing up to 100 blocks. Contact us for a price list.


Academic licenses are available for all faculty and students. Proof of current enrollment in an accredited academic institution is required.

  • For faculty, send us a letter on university letterhead indicating the school, department, course, and software desired. The letter must also state that the software is being used for non-profit activities

  • For students, send us a scan of your student ID, or copy of your course schedule via our contact form or fax (978-692-3102).

Upon validation of the information, Visual Solutions will approve the purchase.

Free Academic Program

This program provides unlimited use of VisSim and VisSim/Analyze v3.0 by students and faculty at accredited academic institutions for non-profit use only. It is available to departments that develop modeling and simulation curricula using VisSim.


A faculty member must complete and return the Free Academic Program application via our contact form or fax (978-692-3102). Upon validation of the information, Visual Solutions will grant the requested license. Please note that the Free Academic Program may not be available in all countries. ** Not available in India or UK **

What's Included in the Free Academic Program

  • A one year license to operate VisSim and VisSim/Analyze v3.0 on an unlimited number of computers in the department. The license will be renewed at no charge simply by registering for a license extension at the end of the first year.
  • All faculty members and students can make copies of the software for personal use on- or off-campus.
  • Technical support is available to faculty members only by email to Questions will be answered on a time-available basis.
  • The VisSim Free Academic Program software will not be updated, upgraded or otherwise maintained by Visual Solutions. The academic institute may, however, upgrade to the most current version of the software. Please request the current VisSim Academic Price List via our contact form.

All software includes user manuals in PDF format.