sin plot
Simple sin with plot

VisSim™ is a block diagram language for creating complex nonlinear dynamic systems. To create a model, simply drag blocks in the workspace and connect them with wires. Then click the Go button to initiate your simulation. The response is instantaneous. You can choose to display your response in 2D or 3D plots, gauges, bar charts, meters, digital readouts, and even 3D animated scenes. All are driven in real time using the VisSim engine.

VisSim's highly tuned math engine executes your diagram directly with no compilation delay. In addition to accelerating development with rapid turnaround for changes, VisSim's fast execution speed is perfect for model based operator training, off-line controller tuning, and hardware-in-the-loop testing. Its efficient C code generator makes it an ideal platform for model-based embedded system development.

By combining the simplicity and clarity of a block diagram interface with a high-performance mathematical engine, VisSim provides fast and accurate solutions for linear, nonlinear, continuous time, discrete time, SISO, MIMO, multi-rate, and hybrid systems. With VisSim's wide selection of block operations and expression handling, complex systems can be quickly entered into VisSim.

sin mod
Simple AM+FM modulation diagram with plot

VisSim's tightly integrated development platform makes it easy to pass freely among the stages of model construction, simulation, optimization, and validation. This means you can create virtual prototypes on your desktop and make sure they're working properly before committing to the design. And because VisSim eliminates traditional programming, your learning time is minimal.

VisSim has libraries of preconstructed components giving you access to high level models of subsystems like HVAC units, AC and DC electric motors, hydraulic components, gas turbines, human respiration and blood flow, 6-DOF airframe dynamics, counters, timers, logic, and much more. Just right click to get a dialog box, configure to your system parameters, connect the wires and go.

3D trajectory plot of Cornu's Spiral

3D VRML animation of a Lunar Lander

VisSim supports interactive 3D plotting and 3D animation as shown above.

VisSim offers a comprehensive set of companion products for:

  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Highly efficient ANSI C code generation
  • Communications system modeling
  • TI MCU and DSP and embedded system development
  • Neural networks
  • OPC
  • CAN
  • Real-time analog and digital I/O
  • UDP based real-time ethernet data exchange
  • RS232 real-time serial I/O
  • OMG UML compliant graphical state chart construction, simulation and code generation

These addon modules are listed in the Products sidebar.

With over 100 thousand users across a broad range of industries and disciplines, VisSim is a world leader in dynamic simulation software and model-based development.


  • Drag-and-drop block diagram construction
  • 120+ built-in linear and nonlinear blocks
  • Integrated Newton-Raphson solver for dynamic systems with implicit equations
  • Toolbox functions for control, electromechanical design, hydraulics, signal processing, process, power, chemical, thermal, and turbines
  • ODE solvers include Euler, trapezoidal, Runge Kutta 2nd and 4th orders, adaptive Bulirsh-Stoer and Runge Kutta 5th order
  • Stiff ODE solvers include backward Euler, adaptive Adams-Moulton and BDF algorithms
  • MatLab, Mathcad, and Maple integration
  • Interactive input with buttons, sliders and dialogs, and interactive outputs with numeric displays, 2D, 3D plots, strip charts, meters, gauges, lights, and animations
  • Linear transfer function block with IIR and FIR filter wizard. Implements Laplace transform in S domain, and also supports discrete Z domain operation. Has bilinear (Tustin) Z transform to and from S domain, complex pole/zero specification, fixed point simulation and code generation
  • Nonlinear parameter optimization
  • Extensive matrix operations (inverse,multiply,min,max,linear solve,transpose,resection,FFT,InverseFFT,vbuffer,spreadsheet data entry,etc)
  • Matrix, Complex number and string support
  • DLL wizard for custom C, C++, Fortran, and Pascal blocks
  • Synchronous and asynchronous DDE
  • Hierarchical models with password protection
  • Extensive on-line help
  • Embedded subdiagrams with multi-rate subsystems
  • Read and write data files in .txt, .csv, .m, .wav, .mat formats
  • Built-in C interpreter
  • State Machine simulation and code generation integrated with continuous engine
  • Data export for logging results in many formats
  • Data import to read data files
  • Event logger allows recording and viewing of user defined or real-time events from OPC/RT/CAN/Serial/State Chart addons.
  • Free VisSim Viewer


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