VisSim Models

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Electric Motor Diagrams for Motor Drive Creation

Models of PMSM and AC Induction motor models for open loop and field oriented control. These are companion diagrams that go with the book Applied Control of Electrical Drives

Aerospace Models

Models of six-degrees-of-freedom dynamic models for aerospace applications

Automotive Models

Models of automotive and transportation systems

HVAC Models

Models of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems

Motor and Motion Control Models

Models of motor and motion control systems

Turbine Models

Models of turbine and turbine control systems systems

National Renewable Energy Labs Wind Power (11MB)

Models and documentation for wind and battery power systems and power grid interfaces

USAF Research Labs 6DOF munition models (9MB)

"Sanitized for public release" versions of models used in the MSTARS (Munition Simulation Tools And Resources) project by USAF guidance and modeling directorate.