Amazingly Low Cost TI Kits for Embedded Development

I have to say that I am very pleased with Texas Instruments latest round of DSP and microprocessor development kits. They have done an amazing job of taking the cost out of sophisticated embedded development. At one time, the JTAG pod alone cost $1500, now it is included free with the kit. They have the latest TI C2000 parts: F28335 and F28035, real-time JTAG connection to the PC, high quality analog sensors, and a very good C compiler. The cheapest controlSTICK goes for only $39 for a basic experimenter kit, to a high of $369 for brushless PMSM sensorless vector control motor kits (including the motor!). TI is providing a new standard in access to embedded and digital power technology. Coupled with the graphical ease-of-use of the VisSim model-based development platform, this represents a powerful research, development and teaching tool. Visit our Solution pages for descriptions of these kits and download working VisSim diagrams to control the kits as you please. Not too long ago, you would have paid close to $50,000 for a dSpace/Simulink setup that would not have included the on-chip power of the latest C2000 parts (multiple CAN, I2C, serial, integrated high speed ADC with PWM synchronized triggering etc.) It's a brave new digital world.