how to repeat ramp function in vissim embedded

i am new one with vissim embedded. i am trying to generate ramp function which repeat at particular time. how i generate this ramp function . thanks..

Interactive Data Exchange using Slider block

Hi, Are there any examples available showing how to use the VisSim slider block for interactive data exchange between a VisSim Host and TI Target?

Interactive Data Communication from VisSim to Launchpad

Are there any examples of how to interactively communicate from VisSim to a Launchpad board to control its operation?

Integrating hand code in VisSim

Is there a way to integrate an hand written code (c or matlab) for a specific 'Integrator' in VisSim?

Interfacing with MATLAB


I have just installed VisSim. I have tried to run simulations with MATLAB interface but it keeps giving me the error 'Simulation aboted at 0 simulated seconds 21 real seconds'. I tried to run the examples in VisSim but without success.

Thank you

How to call VisSim module from .Net

Help me.. how to call VisSim module from .Net quick responses will be appreciated...

port to ARM processor

VisSim is already with block for msp430 and ti dsp c2000... Have you a roadmap to port or make block controls available to ARM "cortex3 in particular" processors ? or i need to make my own blocks with a custom insert : c-coder, matlab, mathcad... thanks you.

Is it possible to have access to eCAP register with VisSim


I want to read an optical fork mounted on a drive shaft with VisSim, and I want to estimate speed and position of the drive shaft. Using eCAP I can have access to the time between two rising edges of the fork signal, which gives me the speed (I use VisSim F280X eCAP module, which works well). Having access to the eCAP register would allow me to directly estimate the position (angle).

Is it possible to have access to the eCAP register with VisSim, and how ? I put some details in the attached drawing, to explain what eCAP register means for me.


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